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Stashlogix: The Classics Case Review

If you’re looking for a locking, smell-proof stash case, then check out The Classics case by Stashlogix.

There are so many different bags on the market to store your cannabis products and it can be overwhelming to pick one. I was in the market for one and looked online and in-store to decide what would be best for my needs. While there are plenty of options on Amazon that range in price from only $20 all the way up to $100, I found the bag with the best design, storage options, price and reviews was Stashlogix The Classics Medium case.

I purchased direct from their website in the hemp color (it is available on Amazon if you prefer to use Prime) and received free shipping. This case runs about $64 and comes with two OdorPax, 3-digit locking mechanism, adjustable dividers for customization, and a charging port hole for use when locked. The size is approximately 8″ W x 6″ D x 4″ H. The material feels durable and the color is a cool tan with black accents. There’s even a carry handle.

Once I received the bag, I had to reach out to customer service with a couple questions. While I emailed during the holidays, they responded in less than 12 hours! They were very helpful and quick to assist and ensure I was completely satisfied. So kudos to the customer service team!

This stash case can serve many purposes. If you’re a parent wanting to keep your stash safe from the kids, it’s perfect. If you’re a traveler and need to securely store your items in your suitcase or hotel room, this case has you covered. If you need a one-stop spot at home for all of your weed goodies, Stashlogix is where it’s at.

I fall into the traveler category. While hotels typically have a safe to securely lock up your goodies, I needed a secure place within my suitcase, in my car, in my backpack during hikes, and everywhere else in between while traveling. This bag is legit when it says it’s smell proof. The OdorPax pouch works great to absorb the odor. The carbon in these pouches will lose their absorption capabilities, but you can refresh them by heating it up. Their site says you can do this 2-3 times before you should replace them. They sell a pack of 3 for only $10. Don’t forget that the medium bag comes with two pouches! One to use right away and a back up one. So you should be good for a while before needing to purchase new ones.

All around, this is a beautiful and durable bag. It holds more than I thought it would too. The Classics design comes in small, medium, and large sizes. While I do love the medium, I feel I may be adding a small and quite possibly a large to my assortment. Sometimes I travel light. And sometimes I go big!

What’s your favorite stash bag?

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